The start of the robin challenge badge with art attack, ping pong robins and Hama bead robins for 62nd Bristol Guides.





Fantastic end of term trip to go ice skating including the enrolment of 2 new Guides and an Leader!


Over 70 guides from the Bristol West Division Guide Section went to Big Gig Wembley 2014. They loved acts such as Union J, Little Mix and Diversity. And as you can see from the photos we were very close to the stage. Fingers crossed we get tickets for 2015 and keep up this annual guide section event.


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114 guides from the 7 guide units in our division went to Big Gig Liverpool 2014. They enjoyed acts such as Tinie Tempah, Lawson and Pixie Lott


Autumnal Sleepover

The 62nd and 183rd Bristol Guides enjoyed an autumnal sleepover at Brentry Scout Hut working on their autumn challenge badge.


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Krispy Kreme Visit

On Monday 24th November 2014 the 62nd Bristol Guides visited the Krispy Kreme factory, Avonmead. They enjoyed doughnut themed quizzes, a tour around the factory and most importantly doughnut tasting!

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Swimarathon for Briarlands 2014




Four teams from the 54th, 62nd and 183rd Bristol Guides from West Division took part in the swimarthon for Briarlands. The event took place at Clifton High School on Sunday 9th March 2014. Each team was sponsored to swim as many lengths as they could in 55 minutes, between them an impressive 689 lengths. The total monies raised between the units were £695.94. The Guides loved it so much they are already planning their tactics for next year’s swim.