Wellington Boot Challenge Badge

The 62nd Guides have been working on their Wellington Boot challenge badge, this week they completed it! They had lots of fun doing it and even had some delicious food!




Preparation for the trip to Switzerland!

With less than a week to go, Bristol West Guides are getting ready for their exciting trip to Switzerland. It’s great to see their United Kingdom badges are being sewn on in anticipation for this trip.




Crazy Climbing!19884091_10158990794635253_1890870740679298418_n19905468_10158990794305253_4541405572496861225_n

57th Brownies and Guides had some Crazy Climbing fun.








Golf lessons

45th Bristol Guides enjoying a golf lesson at Shirehampton Park Golf Club in the sunshine.






Robin Hood

The 45th Bristol Guides enjoyed their meeting doing archery. I think we have some budding Robin Hoods!






Owliver, the mascot of the 45th Brownies came to visit the 45th Bristol Guides tonight. Here he is having helped with the washing up after making camp doughnuts, isn’t he a helpful!