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Guides is our section for girls aged 10 to 14.By becoming part of a worldwide community of girls who learn together and share skills and experiences, Guides have the chance to get out there and do something really different.Members take part in a wide range of exciting activities at their regular meetings, and at special events or holidays. Girls can get involved in anything from adventure sports to performing arts, travel and taking part in community action projects.

Summer in Switzerland

Several units from Clifton and Westbury spent a week in Switzerland doing lots of amazing things such as visiting the Guide and Scout World Centres, tobogganing, going up Jungfrau, mini golf, snow tubing, bowling, hiking and much much more! They have looked to have a wonderful time.

End of term in the sun

183rd Bristol Guides have a fabulous end of term evening. They played games which were organised by the girls working on their Baden Powell Award, and they also played a game of rounders!

Baden Powell Awards

A big congratulations to Mollie and Keira on achieving the highest award in Guides, the Baden Powell award! Lots of hard work has gone into achieving this award.
Also how wonderful is that cake!

Wellington Boot Challenge Badge

The 62nd Guides have been working on their Wellington Boot challenge badge, this week they completed it! They had lots of fun doing it and even had some delicious food!

Preparation for the trip to Switzerland!

With less than a week to go, Bristol West Guides are getting ready for their exciting trip to Switzerland. It’s great to see their United Kingdom badges are being sewn on in anticipation for this trip.


Crazy Climbing!

57th Brownies and Guides had some Crazy Climbing fun.

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Golf lessons

45th Bristol Guides enjoying a golf lesson at Shirehampton Park Golf Club in the sunshine.


Robin Hood

The 45th Bristol Guides enjoyed their meeting doing archery. I think we have some budding Robin Hoods!




Owliver, the mascot of the 45th Brownies came to visit the 45th Bristol Guides tonight. Here he is having helped with the washing up after making camp doughnuts, isn’t he a helpful!


We’re going on a lion hunt

The fun isn’t just for the Guides! The leaders love joining in and having a laugh.


How impressive!

The 45th Bristol Guides had a great start to their disabilities awareness challenge badge. Karen Butler, 5 times Paralympic and Guide leader came to tell them about her experiences as a Team GB shooter which all began when she took up the skill as a Guide. I hope she inspired some of our girls.


Fundraising and recruitment

Guide leaders from 62nd Guides fundraising for the international trip next summer. They also managed to recruit a leader for Brownies who was a canoe and boat instructor for Girl Guiding Berkshire… Well done ladies! Hope you all have a fabulous time away on your trip.


Big Gig

Girls and leaders having an awesome time at the Girl Guiding event- the Big Gig. Some girls even chose to make their promise.
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Guides doing a good turn

178th Guides at the Our Lady of the Rosary summer fair looking very happy and being a fantastic help.


Fire Starters

We do love a camp fire and food so why not combine the two to create a cook out! The Guides learnt how to make a good fire as well as learning how to cook… Perfect for a those light evenings.

13412908_10101144859950212_5859458081158429353_n 13413730_10101144861332442_8834103064180010805_n 13418753_10101144852909322_3577220823540266831_n

Guide Power

Putting up a tent was just to easy for our Guides so we challenged them to do it blindfolded!

13227142_10154167961491287_4703897127475780574_n  13512003_10154167961451287_4275629330521953580_n


Flame 2016 was Girlguidings sixth international camp for Guides and was a roaring success, with loads of activities, their very own Bake Off competition, an English Fete day, fun, friendship and wonderful experiences!

Guiders from all over the world joined in including Canada, Europe, Singapore, the Carribean and Australia!

13626610_10154254587396287_5388183086987989480_n 13680787_10150667902714987_6556538978774457549_n 13754474_10150667902734987_3391044274101835211_n 13770490_10154254587276287_32346922870046642_n flame 13770446_10154254587341287_5377724549206493082_n

Slimbridge Day Out

13729100_10210684919665700_6514558705246735541_n   13731624_10210684920265715_4620065090651712925_n            13731652_10210684917305641_2410829366813127378_n   slim


Adventure Golf

62nd Guides enjoy an end of term trip to pirate bay adventure golf

        aventure                   av avent


 Avon Jamboree

13315709_10154801105620828_3096896347094959708_n 13346703_10150646272949987_702717252309969141_n 13267754_1160628990663233_2766613827683658271_n 13335545_1160628987329900_8363819578595142303_n

62nd Guides do a brilliant market place as part of the mission spectacular badge

13221501_1154309714628494_3946548335810095149_n 13238914_1154309944628471_4717655693992458348_n 13260040_1154309711295161_2568389496565449638_n

Guides have fun at PGL

13310402_10101133762035522_8897961128373690644_n    13312650_10101133761586422_8286834182895004591_n

13321777_10101133761686222_3044276922160237962_n    13325607_10101131559694032_4828276800638402927_n

13327378_10101133761800992_6910585093466847702_n    13332944_10101132567264852_3037169157312321129_n 13335618_10101132491606472_301508165379464958_n  13344624_10101133761761072_1904802161549739835_n

Time for Tea

Guides invite Trefoil guild for celebration event

       13094268_10206213874846137_5783859331414383950_n 13254292_10206213873886113_3701833896565225920_n 13263946_10206213875326149_1049276095976550276_n

Congratulations to our new Baden Powell award holders!

13220859_10206213876486178_1197963420020837541_n 13239891_10206213877086193_3722974391946565255_n 13241346_10206213876806186_2045873291315876864_n

Harry Potter Studios Trip

13220852_10156966286525253_5579103442790818391_n 13239346_10156966286625253_3930765362171769182_n 13245376_10156966286615253_6464157378183054943_n

Spectacular Badge


178th Guides make their promise!

First night of Go For It badges for 178th Guides. We had cooking for ‘Take Your Toothbrush’, fizzy sherbet for ‘Experiment’ and shelters & fire starting for ‘I Will Survive’!! Rounded off nicely with two promises made. Brilliant evening

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Strictly Come Guiding

There’s no Tv on Guide camp so the Leaders took it upon themselves to recreate a Saturday night with Strictly Come Dancing. Take a click below, what do you think? It’s a 10 from us!

 Strictly come Guiding


Clifton go to PGL


Camping fun

Guides had a brilliant camp at Glenny Wood. Cooking on open fires, sleeping in biovouacs and even an impromptu visit from a horse!

12140672_10100958077868002_4528363771561487148_n11059396_10100958078766202_5042187736708067416_n  10411758_10153641078761287_6529609907456219244_n 12049111_10153641075046287_6391758132859066210_n

PGL Weekend

The Guides from Westbury on Trym had a fab weekend at PGL Liddington. Including Birthdays, Baden powell awards, zip wire, Jacobs ladder, abseiling and much more. Even the leaders faced their fears and had a go.

11951134_10153536384071287_8309068104674437049_n 11951853_10153536384946287_6439974819925749243_n 11951248_10153536384536287_1368973783484420445_n



183rd Bristol Guides Go Wild

Guides enjoyed making edible bugs tonight as part of the “I’m a survivor” badge.

11704834_10204093306244235_8780572544785460944_n 11701109_10204093307004254_1946055344791544431_n 11666175_10204093305764223_8277300428298232460_n

Trefoil Guild for Tea

Our 3 Baden Powell Guides  invited the Trefoil guild for afternoon tea. They enjoyed sharing their memories as guides and guiders over the years. Great fun was had by everyone.

11390471_10155651449430632_7860280978803760550_n 11147109_10155651449190632_1457400469123696349_n  11392940_10155651448290632_6751026104672767160_n 11390293_10155651449595632_5412525649168727640_n 11264985_10155651449315632_3177188520683057970_n 1150131_10155651448880632_6331254491722382633_n


Baden Powell Awards

Congratulations to Rae from the 62nd Guides and Naomi from the 183rd Guides on completing your Baden Powell we wish you luck as you leave Guides and continue the guiding journey on to the Senior Section.



Fun in the woods

178th Guides have been making bivy wacks in the woods.

10984479_10152767472661160_4874117001277880658_n   11255355_10152767472876160_2989155698283571412_n

45th Guides Pet Show

For some crazy reason to end our Animal Active Go Fo It and Animal Lover Badge we held a pet show with lots of real live animals

11149294_10155435560530632_77851224600310237_n  10389012_10155435576245632_8303942038263191923_n

11109568_10155435562120632_4241426138475427387_n  10653480_10155435552345632_1656216302226107244_n


Alton Tower Trip

178th Guides having fun at Alton Towers in the sunshine. They had a great day and even had several promise ceremonies and promise renewals with the new promise occur on various rides including Rita, Air and Oblivion. It was one of the more unusual and exciting places where the Guides have chosen to make their promise.



A very sunny day out in London including visits to Pax Lodge and the London Eye

1 2



These lucky guides get a visit from Bristol zoo!

1  23  4


Can you fit a whole patrol in a 2 man tent? These guides prove yes you can!

1  2

Performing arts badge performances and cook-a-fun patrol heats – a busy and enjoyable half term for all!

1  2 3  45  6


The 45th Bristol Guides celebrated World Thinking Day with an international evening organised by the BP girls. Scrummy food, fortune telling and even the macarena. We didn’t have time for the snowball fight.

12  3


183rd Bristol Guides spent the evening doing Promise Activities, good fun all round!






The 54th Guides are enjoying an international evening organised by the Baden Powell patrol. They are currently learning Mexican dancing.

1  2


Well done all the Guide Units that took part in the  Guide bowling competition, congratulations to 45th Bristol Guides who nearly cleared the floor with winning the trophy for winning unit, Top Bowler and Top Striker !!! Well done to the 9th’s top team !!




Check out these awesome cupcake design and christmas sleighs made by the Guides.


E2          E4





The start of the robin challenge badge with art attack, ping pong robins and Hama bead robins for 62nd Bristol Guides.




Fantastic end of term trip to go ice skating including the enrolment of 2 new Guides and an Leader!

x3  x2x1  x4



Over 70 guides from the Bristol West Division Guide Section went to Big Gig Wembley 2014. They loved acts such as Union J, Little Mix and Diversity. And as you can see from the photos we were very close to the stage. Fingers crossed we get tickets for 2015 and keep up this annual guide section event.


IMG_0604 IMG_0602 IMG_0605IMG_0608


114 guides from the 7 guide units in our division went to Big Gig Liverpool 2014. They enjoyed acts such as Tinie Tempah, Lawson and Pixie Lott





Autumnal Sleepover

The 62nd and 183rd Bristol Guides enjoyed an autumnal sleepover at Brentry Scout Hut working on their autumn challenge badge.


IMG_0639  IMG_0636IMG_0648  IMG_0651IMG_0617IMG_0633  IMG_0613




Krispy Kreme Visit

On Monday 24th November 2014 the 62nd Bristol Guides visited the Krispy Kreme factory, Avonmead. They enjoyed doughnut themed quizzes, a tour around the factory and most importantly doughnut tasting!

1  23  46

 Emma Jennings

62nd Bristol Guide Leader





Swimarathon for Briarlands 2014




Four teams from the 54th, 62nd and 183rd Bristol Guides from West Division took part in the swimarthon for Briarlands. The event took place at Clifton High School on Sunday 9th March 2014. Each team was sponsored to swim as many lengths as they could in 55 minutes, between them an impressive 689 lengths. The total monies raised between the units were £695.94. The Guides loved it so much they are already planning their tactics for next year’s swim.

Emma Jennings Guide Section Coordinator Bristol West Division