Christmas Bazaar

Clifton Brownies working hard at their Christmas Bazaar





End of term camp fire


The Clifton Brownies enjoying Stiles, in the sunshine, and toasting marshmallows over the campfire. They even did some singing.






Magic and Mayhem

The 45th and the 178th arriving at Magic and Mayhem to have a wonderful time, which including getting the leaders dancing in a warm up!



13312650_10101133761586422_8286834182895004591_n 13327378_10101133761800992_6910585093466847702_n


Having lots of fun and scaling new heights at PGL Liddington.






Avon Jamboree

Many Units from West Division went to the Avon Jamboree! They had a fantastic time, this was one of their favourite activities.





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We went to the Zoo!