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Brownies is our section for girls aged seven to ten.

Through regular meetings, special events, day trips, sleepovers, camps and holidays, Brownies learn new hobbies, play music, explore other cultures and get adventurous outdoors. Girls can also extend their knowledge and abilities by working towards Brownie interest badges covering many different hobbies and activities from Science investigator to Circus skills.

Brownies become a member of a Six, a unit with a name such as Badger, Fox, Mole, Squirrel, Hedgehog or Rabbit, and follow a program called the Brownie Adventure.

Can’t say we aren’t creative

34th Brownies were supposed to go to Weston… but train issues meant a massive change of plan! We had great fun sitting in a fire engine and learning about how it all works, a trip to m shed, lunch at Castle park and some games on the green. We still achieved a train ride and a bus journey. One brownie promise with a fireman who learnt the promise with the Brownies. A fun day had by all!

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In the woods

This is the 5th Brownies on an adventure to Blaise Castle!

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Wild Place

45th Brownies had a great time at Wild Place and they were among the first to see the new Giraffe…. our mascot Owliver also enjoyed himself as well.

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Trip to the zoo farm

5th Bristol Brownies at the Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm. Having a fabulous day by all!19029542_1626587130686999_2330739211886572069_n18922178_1626908130654899_5605664711054777510_n18950958_1626908357321543_3641513370991949630_n19059515_10155174453281251_444843229500925327_n

Cadbury World

40 Brownies from 78th and 178th took over Cadbury World. The girls and leaders had an amazing time and they even got chance to make some chocolate, what could be better?

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Can never start too young!

The 34th Brownies learnt about first aid; these important skills could save someones life! Thank you to St John’s Ambulance Service for coming to teach these skills!

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Lovely walk around Clifton with the Brownies. They had to draw the landmarks as they saw them, can you tell where they have been?


Changing over Brownies

The 5th Bristol Brownies welcomed two new Brownies making their promise, and said goodbye to their two oldest girls. They are looking lovely and smart in their uniform.


Christmas Bazaar

Clifton Brownies working hard at their Christmas Bazaar


Valuable skills learnt in Guiding.

The 178th Brownies finished their Christmas cakes tonight as part of their Cook badge! Don’t you think they look magnificent!


Off to Paris!

Lovely to see the leaders looking so happy as they travel to Paris with the Brownies.


End of term camp fire


The Clifton Brownies enjoying Stiles, in the sunshine, and toasting marshmallows over the campfire. They even did some singing.



Magic and Mayhem

The 45th and the 178th arriving at Magic and Mayhem to have a wonderful time, which including getting the leaders dancing in a warm up!




Having lots of fun and scaling new heights at PGL Liddington.

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Avon Jamboree

Many Units from West Division went to the Avon Jamboree! They had a fantastic time, this was one of their favourite activities.

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We went to the Zoo!

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Trip to Harry Potter Studios

12662667_10150612553729987_4329729950629953423_n  13237726_10150641176839987_632941017112421172_n

Ready Set Cook!

13233102_10154224571913748_6258225126150003172_n  13244738_10154224571628748_8466374591548777055_n 13260096_10154224571708748_5401908552362511355_n 13265878_10154224571583748_2892853638836932577_n

Look who we got a visit from!



 Blast From the Past!

183rd Brownies dress up for Thinking Day10268593_10206173557151186_6002761648172974804_n


Clifton Goes Camping

Brownies and Guides from the Clifton area went camping together!

The first day was spent on the campsite.  The Brownies did some activities for the Seasons badge, including looking for some flowering plants with insects on them, tasting honey, making a giant collage out of natural objects, and making a (very glittery) Star of David while learning about Jewish winter festivals.

The next day, for the Friend to Animals badge, we visited the nearest zoo.  It was only about 5km away, so we walked. We let the Guides navigate and only got a little bit off course, and only the once.


The Brownies tiredness was slightly balanced by the more downhill nature of the walk, and we only got slightly side-tracked by picking blackberries, so we made reasonable time and arrived back at the campsite in time for a short rest before dinner.

That evening was the campfire – an essential component of camp, I think.

All of us – Leaders, Guides and Brownies – had “lead a song at campfire” on our challenges, so we had quite a variety of songs going.  All the favourites, of course, but I also learnt a few new ones, which was nice.



Parachute Games in the Sun

Brownies love nothing more than playing with their friends especially outside. The sun was shining and there were even a few cows in the field next door.


Getting Creative with Fruit and Vegetables

78th Brownies have been getting creative with fruit and vegetable for part of their cooks badge.

20150512_185754[1]   20150512_185714[1]-2

20150512_190441[1]    20150512_184950[1]

Fun at PGL

34th Brownies have had great weekend at PGL. Although it looks like the leaders may have had more fun than the Brownies. Well done to Wombat (Kelly) who survived her first Brownie camp.

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11188256_10152911516201475_8514838606639153955_n   19499_10155487507110632_4127394834255309337_n

 Gingerbread men success

The Brownies at their meeting today successfully made gingerbread from the recipe in the Adventure book.

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 Brownies Have Fun

5th Bristol Brownies have had great fun designing reflective waterproof clothing for their leader as part of the Seasons badge.


Brownies go to Paris

As part of the big Brownie Birthday celebration Brownies from West Division spent a week in Paris exploring the sites including the Eiffel Tower and Euro Disney.

IMG_0162     IMG_0169IMG_0151


Brownies go Ice Skating  

The 34th Brownies have fun ice skating.

ice skatingphoto 2photo 3

Brownies go on Camp

183rd Bristol Brownies who meet on a Monday evening in Westbury-on-Trym went on a camp to Bitton. The girls got to make lots of crafts and go on a train ride.

funny faces

For Many of the girls this was their first time away from home. Evie (aged 7) said “I’ve had a great time,  I’ve learned I like to dance and I don’t get embarrassed”