I’ve Been Visited By The Tooth Fairy Badge


Brownies lose a lot of teeth over the years.  According to the NHS, each child has 20 baby teeth, and they will all fall out between the ages of 5 and 12 on average. That’s 2.5 teeth per year, per child.

Say you have 24 Brownies.  In any one year, you should expect at least 60 lost teeth.  What are the chances that that happens at Brownies, or on a Brownie Holiday? I know we’ve had a few over the years!

Maybe you should have some of these snazzy badges in stock, just in case…


Badges cost £1 each, and postage is a flat £1 for UK delivery, no matter how many you order.

International delivery is available, please email for a postage quote.

All profits will be used for support of Girlguiding members and units in financial hardship in our area.

Payment Options

Tooth Fairy Badge Order Form  –  tooth-fairy-badge-order-form

By Cheque

Please make cheques payable to “Bristol West Division Girlguiding” and send with the order form to the address provided on the form above.

By Bank Transfer

Please contact us at for bank details.

Include your unit name as a reference when you transfer the money.

Before your badges are dispatched we will need one of the following:
– a remittance advice from your bank;
– OR a screenshot of your online banking transaction;
– OR to see the money arrive in our bank statement (up to 1 month delay!).