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Our Leaders are just like you!

To prove it we asked some of our volunteers to write a profile of their day. It might surprise you just how much our volunteers get out of their experience too.

Profile: A Day in the Life of a Student, Brownie Leader, and Senior Section Member

You know that “Monday Feeling” that most people dread? Those “back to work” blues, the “start of another busy week” stress. Well I seem to have found the perfect cure to mine – Girlguiding. My full-time-essays-due-exams-looming-oh-no-it’s-Monday-again routine that comes with 20884_980201858658866_7422618099520998673_nstudying for A-levels is completely counteracted by my longing for the fun, laughter and good feeling of my Monday evenings. First it’s off to Brownies, where I’m surrounded by excited chattering girls with more enthusiasm than most Mondays have in their little finger. We sing songs, chat about our week, play (loud!) games, learn new things about ourselves and also the world around us, and kick Monday right back out the door. At the end of the meeting I feel refreshed (honestly!) and overwhelmingly proud of everyone who continues to make Guiding happen and put those smiles on the girls’ faces. The girls skip excitedly out the door clutching whatever new craft or trinket they have made that evening, and handing activity or trip letters to mum or dad saying “pleeeaase can I do this???”. Although I’m 19 part of me is still a big Brownie at heart, and being a Leader means I get up to all the exciting things the girls do! Camps, adventures, fundraising, badges, and trying new activities are a main part of my life as a Brownie Leader. As the saying goes in Guiding – the best job I do, I do for free!

11164783_980201548658897_7725706277470205049_nAfter Brownies it’s then a quick dash to the second part of my Monday Evenings – Senior Section meetings. The main ingredients in our Senior Section are laughter, a lot more laughter, fun… oh and food. We are always thinking of new ways to try something new, have fun and earn as many badges as we can! From blindfold jelly bean tasting, to rifle shooting, and attending as many camping trips as possible. Summer 2014 we went to WINGS International Scout and Guide camp in Great Windsor Park for 7 days, meeting guiding friends from all over the world. Just a few weekends ago we camped at our County’s Briarlands Campsite for the official opening of the new accommodation – Brooks Lodge! We completed (yet another) challenge badge, this one based around “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!”, and took part in a day full of activities. Not to mention we got to meet the Chief Guide, Gill Slocombe! Being part of the Senior Section stops me from ever getting bored. If I’m not planning and thinking of more things to do, I’m working my way towards my Chief Guide Award, or planning my Senior Section Camp Permit.

So that’s my sure-fire way to cure a bout of the “Mondays”. Volunteering and participating in Girlguiding gives me more of a buzz than any triple-shot-espresso could. I promise you it’s not something you will ever regret trying, so what have you got to lose?



Profile : Full time working mum with 4 kids and a Brownie Leader

Imagine a crazy day, it’s raining and the kids have lost their coats, one shoe and have no idea what a reading folder is let alone where they’ve hidden it.
The day gets busier with meetings, phone calls and new deadlines and then suddenly it’s time to go. A mad rush to clear my desk, end the constant stream of phone calls and run out of the door for my drive to Brownies.
I arrive and the eager ones are already there bouncing up and down, with lots of stories of what they’ve been up to and what pets their Dads have promised them.

In one and a half hours we’ve sung, jumped around, talked, made something, played a few games, squealed, talked and probably talked some more. We’ve laughed hard, really hard not something we’ve done all day, the girls are hilarious, the original thinkers of outside the box and then the new girl, the quiet one suddenly says something about why she’s here, why she likes it and that is the cherry on top – a magical moment and suddenly it’s time to wrap up.
We’re late (again!) so it’s rush, rush, rush & actually really funny watching 32 girls trying to clear up quickly. Then suddenly we’re outside after saying our goodbyes to the Brownies & laughing at the roller coaster evening we’ve just had. It’s only been 1 1/2 hours & none of us can remember what happened during the day, our spirits have been lifted, our moods lighter & happier. This is why I volunteer, what else could achieve such a great result in so little time? The gym certainly doesn’t do this for me! Fancy coming along and giving Guiding a go? 




Giving girls the opportunity to be involved in great activities as part of a movement that encourages self-government and community spirit is fantastic, but I have to admit that the main reason I volunteer with Girlguiding is because I love having the chance to have a go at all these activities myself, and if I can take a group of girls along with me for fun then all the better! Crafts, games, camping and trips, exciting adventures like abseiling, windsurfing, canoeing and zip-wire are all opportunities I have enjoyed as a leader. I have met some inspiring women along the way, and I have made some of my best IMG_1179friendships with other like-minded leaders too. I work full time and don’t have any children of my own, but I really appreciate the chance to get out there and do something that is totally different to my work or home life and I find it a fantastic way to forget about the stresses of daily life. Whatever we are doing, whether it is playing a simple game, making a craft or going on a trip to London, the excitement of the girls is definitely contagious and you just can’t help having fun

Profile: Brownie Leader 

My day job is sat at a desk, staring at a screen and juggling figures.  I am also a mum of two gorgeous girls and have a husband to look after.  But one night a week my job is as Squirrel & previously as Rainbow Bright or Parrot.  I get to explore a different part of me!100_4172

As a Brownie Leader I enjoy seeing the girls grow through Guiding, trying new things, offering opportunities, their first night away from home, their first climbing adventure and much, much more.  Recently they went to the Clifton Suspension Bridge in the dark and amazed the tour guide with their many and varied questions and their knowledgeable answers.  No two nights are the same and the time with the girls each week flies by, we almost forget to finish.

I was once told by a fellow volunteer that you cannot put a price on what we do and it is very true!  Guiding is a family and you will come away with life long friends and memories to keep you laughing forever.  You will definitely become a valued member of your local community.

Embrace and enjoy a new adventure!

Come join us having fun, be a leader for Girlguiding Bristol West

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